CDGS2017 now asking for log in when opening.. but isn't recognising my account.?? and Corel Support is just dreadful :-(

This is just ridiculous - I have been using CDGS since V2 and owed my own copies since about v3 or 4..upgrading every other version. When the Premium Membership Programme came into being a few years ago I joined that and have been on/in it ever since.

I am currently running 2017 and my account shows my upgrade to 2017 with the relevant S/n.. but for some reason since my recent renewal of the PMP about 2 weeks ago, every time I open CDGS2017 it asks me to log into my account at the loading logo.. when I do it says 'this copy is not registered to this account'. IT IS AND HAS BEEN FOR AGES!!!!! Not only does this mean that every time I open the programme I get this, it also means Premium Features are now not accessible, and clipart in CorelCONNECT is all watermarked!!

So I contacted Corel Support and tbh it was a complete waste of time. I detailed the issue (in much greater detail than I have here) and even sent screen grabs at their request of all the steps. No resolution there so I was told that a support engineer would contact me for a remote login session on Monday or Tuesday.. dates we agreed in advance.

No call on Monday, just an email saying it will now be Tuesday afternoon... which it was, but someone who simply had no idea what she was doing and kept saying 'please hold' whilst she asked someone else for help. Almost an hour wasted and still no joy, I am told she will now escalate this to a senior support engineer...!!!!! It doesn't need this - it needs someone in the account or customer services section to correct whatever has gone wrong at YOUR END COREL..! Nothing is wrong at this end.

I hasten to add I've not heard back from anyone at Corel Support since Tuesday :-( 

I had to request my 2019 download and s/n under the PMP as it wasn't showing up on my PMP account (which is should do automatically) but haven't installed that yet as I normally wait for at least SP1 and preferably SP2 before making that jump, but I'm reluctant to install it and keep 2017 on my system in case all hell breaks loose.

1. Anyone else getting issues with the Premium Membership Programme?

2. Anyone from Corel customer support reading this - please get in touch ASAP!!!.

3. Anyone know what will happen to the Premium Membership Programme now that the new Upgrade Protection Plan (or whatever its called) will kick in shortly.? Will our PMP payment / account transfer over..??

Frustrated long time Corel user (and supporter) getting very VERY pee'd off.