Artwork is not lining up correctly on Universal Laser 300M


My company does double-digit designs weekly in Corel Draw Suite 2017 from labels to awards and plaques.  All of our designs are done with a new document that has a 24-inch width and 12-inch height in inches with a primary color mode of RGB with a rendering resolution of 300 DPI.  

We always start our designs inch down an inch over so the designs will print on the material in the upper right-hand corner. This works for any labels that are approximately 1-inch high and 2-3 inches in width.   

Any larger designs we do are done in the same process inch down an inch over...

However, when lasering these designs they never print in the upper-right hand corner of the material and they always start at the bottom of the design and work up. And they also print towards the middle of the 12 x 24-inch design space, not where they are on the screen.  

Where the labels start at the top of the design and print down.  Plus, they always print where we see them on the screen.  

Any thoughts would be appreciated.   

  • Scott,

    I think I understand what you are explaining, but I get a bit lost in reading some bits. Would you be able to show that which you are describing with some images? I also work with lasers, though 90% of the time it is to cut fabric. We do a little engraving sometimes. Different brand of laser as well (Epilog), but maybe if I or someone else clearly see what you're talking about, we might come up with something.