How can I stop the promo box pop up every time I close out of the graphic suite?

This promo box pops up when I close out of the Graphic suite.  It used to be just the nag box but now it bounces over to a sales landing page at Corel.  This is really annoying.  Every single time.  I got the message!  I'm not stupid.  I'm aware there are more recent versions.  It is tantamount to harassment.  Can anyone at all tell me how to stop it please?

  • Go to computer managment/task scheduler/task scheduler library

    Delete all instances of Corel (should be 2 of them listed in center window)

    And the spam is gone.

  • Wouldn't it be nice if Corel didn't treat their paying customers with spam messages like this?  Every time I see one of these pop ups (which is several times per week), I increases my resolve to not upgrade to the latest version.  That behavior shouldn't be rewarded.

    Unfortunately, my Task Scheduler freezes when I try to delete the Corel tasks so I've been having to live with it.