Problem registering after reinstallation

Due to a serious issue in my Windows 10 PC, I had to uninstall CorelDRAW 2017. As I had everything necessary to reinstall it I did so and all went well, except when authenticating, for a message in red indicated a server error, thus I couldn't complete the registration. My internet connection was OK, so I could log in to my account on the Corel website and ask for their help.

Their answer: "Unfortunately, your product version is no longer supported. As the computing environment changes so quickly, it is very difficult for us to maintain older versions of the software because they occasionally have problems when installed on new operating systems."

Well, I wonder why it worked for years on Win10 and in a matter of only two days it's not compatible anymore. Besides, the message was about a server error and the package is installed, so it seems not to be a compatibility issue, but a Corel registration problem. I understand they're saying they ended the support for my version on Win10. But I remember I read somewhere the package was for me "to keep forever", and now this...

Package installed

I can try to revert my system to a time prior to all that using System Restore. But before that I ask you to please help me find a solution, if any. TIA.

  • The installation should work unless Corel shut down activation capability for CorelDRAW 2017. If they did shut down those activation servers I would consider it a possibly self-destructive move. I wonder if anyone has had trouble re-installing older versions that required activation (X6, X7 and X8).

    There is no guarantee an existing user of CorelDRAW 2017 or earlier will simply "bite the bullet" and buy the current version outright or sign up for a subscription. Customer anger is a heck of a thing. Corel might see a considerable number of those users depart either to the Adobe camp or using any number of other alternatives. Not everyone has the same needs. Users doing graphics work on a budget or doing the work casually may not need every bell and whistle in CorelDRAW.

    Years ago Corel pitched CorelDRAW as a subscription-free alternative to Adobe. Not only have they done a 180° on that policy, but their terms are arguably over-priced. You're getting only two real full-blown applications in the "graphics suite" (Draw and PhotoPaint) either for $249 per year (US) for a subscription or $499 for a "full" version that is now not upgradeable at all. It turns out Corel removed the "upgrade protection" option (originally priced at $99 per year and then $149 per year). The only people who get "upgrade protection" now are those who are grand-fathered in and haven't let their renewals lapse. I found this out recently because I had to buy a 4th license of CorelDRAW for my workplace to go on a new workstation. I bought a full $499 version because, as I said, I think the $249 per year thing is a rip-off. But I didn't see any option for the upgrade protection thing anymore. I may not have clicked on that option anyway. That one workstation can use CDR 2021 for a few years until it stops working properly, then we'll go from there. 

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