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Hello, Adobe Photoshop has a feature called 'save for web' which I use a lot because, well, because it seems to do it all for me.

What is the Photo Paint X4 equivalent and, if I need to select any parameters, what would you suggest to get optimum images for web pages? 

(I realise as I am writing this that 'optimum' opens up all sorts of questions!)



  • Hi - here's the equivalent function.

    To decide how to have Optimum images...  I look at the content of the image itself.

    This screenshot suggests PNG or GIF since there are large areas of the same color.


    JPG's are good for complex images such as photos, but then you have to decide how compressed you want them to be. If you don't want to think too much, just choose

    1. optimize - checked
    2. optional 4:4:4
    3. compression 10
    4. smoothing 0
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