choose icc profile when printing?

Is there a fast way to select a specific ICC profile when printing in corel?

The print tab seems to only allow me to check or uncheck to use the option under color management,

This is getting cumbersome as I'm wanting to select a different composite output ICC profile when printing to different stocks, so I have to keep going to color management and selecting either plain, coated1, coated2, or heavyweight profile, then print, then back, etc.  Because of this corel bug: I can't use the full full xerox docucolor GUI driver which includes colorwise from corel (works fine this way from photoshop or acrobat) which would allow me to select the output icc profile there. As it is, I have to use the ppd file to overcome the corel glitch which otherwise rotates the page involuntarily when printing to the xerox, which works ok except now I find myself somewhat annoyed having to change the color profile in color management every time I want to print to a different stock.

Any quicker way to set this when printing from coreldraw?

  • I hate to come off as a self promoter but  a complete understanding of the subject you bring up is complicated to say the least.  I suggest going to my web site there you will find a link to my color management book, buy it and read it several times.  All your answers are there as far as they can be supported by Corel.

    The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite from all  versions as far back as 8 only truly supports professional output from RIP driven devices assuming proper color management settings and adherence to proper color integrity.  Driver based images setters also have a very high level of support.

    Digital devices I.E. ink jets and digital print engines, (Kodak Next Press, Xerox I Gen , Cannon engines to mention a few) are only fully supported as RIP driven devices (digital front ends).  Driver based Canon I.E. Fiery Rips are supported in a limited fashion due to the constraints of Corels inability to allow the changing of CMYK numbers in the postscript stream.

    Non-postscript devices are only fully supported as long as the file creator understands how to properly work in an RGB color mode and then best if it is the sRGB color space.  This requires the users to have proper color management settings and to manually convert all non-RGB file content to RGB before printing in the application not the print stream.

    Wannous said:
    I don't know why?

    Exporting to a TIF may (if your color management setting are correct) export the image properly, then printing the image from something else most likely removes erroneous Corel print color management settings.

    I co-wrote an article for Digitlal Graphics Magazine a year or so ago with a Professor from Canada.  He brought me in because the article was on making Corel and Adobe output identically.  It took a couple weeks but I got him up tp speed and his Corel output matched his Adobe output.