Right Click duplicate won't work

I am using CorelDraw X4 and I have been using the function where you select an object with the left click and drag to new position and then right click which will then make a duplicate of the object in the new position.

About a month ago this feature has stopped working. I have check the mouse settings and reloaded CorelDraw again. I am running service pack 2. I am using Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Thanks for any info on this matter.

  • Hi Hank

    I had similar problem earlier. That was my mouse button not working properly. I mean the hardware. You have checked the sofware settings for the mouse. Now just confirm if the right mouse button behaves correctly with some other application than draw. Might be you need to replace the mouse, as I had done, to rectify the problem


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