Rosette Patterns (aka guilloche)


Can anyone give any hints or tips as to how I could create a pattern like the one below on CorelDRAW X4? As practice, I've been trying to copy the pattern below, but whatever I do I can't get a similar pattern to the internal flower like pattern.



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  • Hi Dre, there is no quick and dirty way to accomplish a pattern like this, but to get you started, try tracing the outer line with bezier tool, one node at the top and one at the bottom of the line, select all nodes and convert to curves, still with all nodes selected make the nodes symmetrical, increase line with to about 3-4 points, make a centred duplicate and convert outlines to object with Ctrl + Shift + Q, then fill with a conical fountain fill and blend the two, I can't get the pattern to bend like in the original but you are an the way with this method. Here is my version made in 5 minutes. OK make it 10.