Cannot install Graphics Suite X4 under Windows 7 64-bit

I've been trying to install CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 under Win 7 64-bit.

Part way through the install I get an error message that says "The file "propschemareg64.exe" is not marked for installation" (in two places), and at the end "Fatal error during installation". The install process tells me it is actually installing to the /programs/x86 directory, which is for 32-bit programs, so I assume that is correct..

I contacted Corel support and they simply say "X4 is not supported under windows 7" and that's it. No further help.

I previously had this program running under Windows XP (32-bit) but I recently updated my computer to Win 7 64-bit..

I've successfully installed my earlier CorelDRAW Essentials (v9) in Win 7, and for the time being this will suit me. However, I have a number of X4 files that I need to work on and v9 will not allow me to open them. Does anyone know of a way of fooling with the X4 files so that I can import them into v9?

Alternatively, can anyone help with making X4 Suite run under Windows7 64-bit? In particular, the specific install error message I am getting?

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