Macro Help! Place name of colors in document in list

Hi everyone,

We have an existing macro that places 2 registration marks either vertically or horizontally depending on our choice.

We would love to be able to add to this existing macro and have it do the following.

I've attached an example cdr file showing the exact font name, font size and attributes that the name would have to be. The font listing the name of the color would have to actually be changed to the color that it is referring to and set to Overprint. That way, when we print out our separations, the color name will print out on the same separation plate as the color it's referring to. Please look at the attached cdr file to see what I am talking about.

I'm also attaching our existing registration macro for you to view and see if something like this function could be added to this macro.

So, to sum up our needs.... activate our registration macro, it will place 2 registration marks either vertically or horizontally as it currently does, but after that (or before, which ever is easier) it will find the color name of each color used in the document, place that name in the font style/name as seen in the attched cdr file, list those color names in a stack, one name on top of the other which each color name being set to overprint and the fill of each color name, being set to the exact color it's referring to.

I am sorry if my description is making this harder to understand. LOL I am trying to be thorough in explaining what we need and I hope I'm not making it too confusing for everyone.