coreldraw on linux

just wondering .... when will coreldraw be available on linux?

today, corel is the only application which holds me back from switching  

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  • Check out . It's big (big enough to have books published by major presses; a search on Amazon reveals around five hardcopy, not just electronic, books, and one of them is from Prentice-Hall). With a vibrant developer and user community it's clearly here to stay. You can even try it out on Windows before moving over to Linux--for free, as it's open source. Not as powerful as Draw yet, but in seven or eight years it will be as competitive in the vector sphere as the Gimp is for bitmaps. Also, Inkscape is admittedly not quite a CorelDraw clone, but is nonetheless based on the same type of UI as Draw. I'm not sure on the details, but apparently there was a very early vector application which Corel cloned when they first created Draw, and the Inkscape designers also went back to that same app for their UI--or something like that. At any rate, despite a lot of specific differences, for some historical reason or other Draw and Inkscape share the same basic type of interface, so if you're used to Draw it's easier to move to Inkscape than, say, to AI.

    It was bound to happen sooner or later. Linux is getting easier and easier to use, more and more folks are climbing on board (the Windows 10 debacle will only accelerate that trend), and the Gimp has given Linux users native pro-level raster capability for a long time now. The lack of the same level of vector support was a gaping hole that the community had to plug. And it has, with resounding success. Sadly, it could have been CorelDraw; ten or fifteen years down the road Corel execs will be wishing they'd done more to keep at least a finger or two in that pie. Too late now, though. Inkscape is way too far ahead on the Linux platform for Corel to catch up. As other posters have noted, it would require a horrific amount of work. And then there's .NET. I use an older version of Draw, but if a previous poster was correct when he said that the newest versions now depend on .NET, that does make it pretty much impossible for Corel to port Draw to Linux.