Printing with canon ip 7240

Hi, i and a freind bougth the same printer, i designed an idcard and export as jpeg bitmap before printing but theprint ouput is not sharp (dull) . So i took d same design to my freind bt his print out was with good quality. Please help wat am i doin wrong.

  • You don¡t need to export as JPG before to print, since you can print directly from CorelDRAW, But if you want to do it, the best choice is to export as PDF, not JPG.

    if the result is not sharp it could be due a low resolution image. When you export as JPG make sure to use 300 dpi of resolution (on the Export dialog) but if you use images or photos, chack if the image resolution of each image is also 300 dpi. Low resolution images will produce dull printed results