CorelDRAW X4 showing Corel icon instead of file preview

so, somewhere along the line, i lost my preview capabilities for my Corel X4 files in windows explorer.
after scouring the internet for a solution, i am here...

i have tried uninstalling, no good. i even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the corel windows shell extension file.
hopefully someone knows how to fix this issue!!
thanks in advance :) 

  • When I upgraded from XP to 7 I had this issue.  I accidentally resolved the issue by associating the CDR files with something else, then re-associated them to CorelDraw and it started working again.

  • select any CDR file on WIndows, right click, choose "open with..." but don't select any program. Instead this, go to "use other..." and on the following list choose CorelDRAWand enable the option "use this program as default": 

    An alternative way is to reinstall the ShellExtension or repair the installation