Coreldraw X4 and Windows 10

This has probably been beat to death but I see no ready  answers in this forum....even though the question has been asked at least once before (not sure how active this forum is). So I thought I would try again.

I have CorelDraw X4 running on Windows 10 x 64. Everything seems to be functional (so far) except the menu bar (and the create new from template link in the welcome screen).

I can open templates (cdt) from the file menu  (even though I can't see the menu on the menu bar until I run my cursor over it) so I'm not real bothered by that issue. But I would like to regain the menu bar and the menus.

Is there any answer / work-around for this problem?

Maybe there is no answer. If so, I'd like to know one way or the other. And would appreciate any advice or comments...

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