Set page boundaries to object

Hi all,

This is probably a stupid question, but hopefully someone can help.

Is there a way to create a page from a selected object? For example, if I select a rectangle that forms the background of my image, can I create a page of the same size and in the same location? I used to use Inkscape, and it was very simple to do that.

I had to change my paper size and now my drawing does not align with the page. The drawing is very complex and I would rather not have to move it. If there is an easy way to realign the page, please let me know.

I hope that makes sense...I'm rather new to CorelDRAW.

  • i Had the same issue with corel....the crop tool, well doesnt do anything....It should resize the canvas to the selection you make....but its.....well doesn't work that way.  (Or atleast that is what i thought)


    It only work by resizing what you made  (or cutting it). It doesnt change the canvas size)


    To do so use the crop tool...3rd tool down and when you make the selection (like using the marquee tool) double click the selection. But the good thing is when you export the file (ctrl + e) you will not see the extra white areas. So that should do it.


    If any more question let us know.

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