I need to get started on very basic digitizing for a pro embroidery machine. I've paged through the 15# CorelDraw manual and Wilcom Deco Studio manual for digitizing , watched some of the videos, and they are overwhelming and don't address a simple start with room to grow in knowledge and capability.

What I am looking for is what I have created for everything from my own T-shirt stores; a deli; and a whale watching company with two vessels, crew procedures, engine room procedures; to a full water ops manual for a tugboat company, so I am not a dimwit, even though I feel like one now stumbling through too much to glean the barest of bones to get started. I already plan to use pro digitizers for complex designs, but know I can grasp the basics for simple designs quickly once I figure out the steps. 

Does anyone know of or maybe created a sheet that reads something like this with detail as needed?

1. Import image to CorelDraw (I am working on a tif)

2. Use pick tool to select item

3. Go to Arrange>Convert to Curves

This is where I hit a roadblock. Convert to Curves isn't highlighted so I am missing something on how to select item. I tried select all but it didn't work either. I know this is ground zero basic, but I'm missing it. Any help appreciated.