I am wondering if there is a setting I am missing in Coreldraw?  When I make a 2 color gradient, it is not showing the color correctly. Say if I go from red to white on the linear gradient, the top should be red and the bottom white, mine is all pink.  But I only have this problem if I make the gradient go horizontal if it is vertical it shows fine....   Confused...Confused

  • Interactive Fill tool helps create simple fountain fills instantly - fill your shape with red, switch to the tool ("G" hotkey by default), click a shape and drag the mouse and release mouse button
  • What shape are you filling with it? it could be that your gradient fill starts waaay over to one side and ends waaay over to the other - therefore you will only see the "pink" bit in the middle. If you select the "interactive fill" tool after filling with the gradient you can see/move the handles that define the start/end.