Drop Shadow Printing

I have designed a banner 4500x1580mm that has several intense drop shadows.  I was taught that in order to print drop shadows you need to convert them to bitmaps, but that makes the file massive - the PDF file is 483MB, and is too much for the ripping software.

What else can I do with drop shadows that makes them printable without making the file so incredibly large?!

Please help! been struggling now for 8 hours!

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  • The answer starts with what output device. If it's a commercial inkjet you can most likely reduce the resolution of you shadows down to 100 or 125 DPI. I5 38ll still be a large file but as small as it can be for quality. After that in the PDF you can set your image compression to make the file smaller. 

    In my world who cares about a 450 MB file?  No biggie, use a file transfer and forget about it.

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