Corel DRAW x5 and Windows 10

I have problem with corel Drawx5 and corel PHOTO-PAINT x5. I had upgraded to windows 10 and now menu bar is white with white text. I can see menu positions only when I hover them witch cursor. Problem is only with main menu, when i open it all sub-menu items appear correctly.

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  • Hi,
    X5 version was not made optimized for use with Win 8 & 8.1. It was optimized for win 7, XP. So unfortunately X5 will never be working 100% with Windows 10.

    Instead you should update/upgrade your X5 to X7. If you intend to use win 10.
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    Great answer, buy new. I got classroom with 15 computers all running windows 7 and Corel x5. Microsoft gives me option to upgrade to new OS for free but only answer from Corel I get is buy new product, same answer I got from official support.
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    Whilst I understand your frustration, it's not really Corel's fault that a programme they made several years ago doesn't work 100% on an OS that wasn't even thought about then. You could always wind back your OS to whatever it was before the upgrade to Win 10.
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    I am not a Corel employee. I am a freelancing illustrator and graphic designer. If you instead read my entire answer, then you get the answer. So please read again. When X5 was released windows 7 was the latest operating system. Windows 8 was not even developed at that time. Since X5 both X6 & X7 have been released. It means basically that your X5 version is maybe 6 years old.

    Again I am not a Corel employee
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    I understand your frustration. But unfortunately this is what happens with old programs and new OS is introduced. My girlfriend life partner has Adobe creative suite 4 she bought in Swede for 20 000 Swedish crowns. Yea Double the price of what Americans pay. And then windows 8 was released and she was forced to buy a computer with o ly win 7 from Dell. And she coulruse her Adobe PhotoShop indesign and illustrator on her new laptop. So she need to keep her old hog of desktop with wi does 7. When trying to downgrade her win 8 to win 7 on her laptop, all computer hell broke out. She had to have it replaced by Dell. Within warrenty. Anyway its what it is. Frustrating yes, but now both myself in Sweden and Roy in the UK - not Corel employees have tries to help you with our answers. A thank you wouldn't be bad. Have a great day
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    I understand that you are trying to help me. And I thank you for that. I am more developer than designer so I am basically used to different type of help ;-) I rather expected some workarounds like changing menu colour or something. On other forums I found information about corel using high contrast colour scheme when it isn't required. When I change my system colour scheme to white high contrast all is displaying good in corel but all other windows look ugly ;)
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    Lets hope someone with programming skills can help you. Keep in mind always that, as an example with my girlfriends Adobe CS4 on win 8.1, InDesign just didn't work properly with certain tools and features. Contrast with UI would had been her least issue. Now she has Adobe CS5 at her work on woin 8.1 and experience oddities off and on. I know by other users experience that X5 didn't work properly with win 8. Si win 10 doesn't surprise me at all.

    I am no stranger to hack my software to work, but haven't done that for ages. I simply don't trust it would work to my liking.

    I would simply stay with win 7 to use X5. Heck win 7 is great.

    I believe X5 is the oldest veraion you can upgrade to X7. And X7 moat probably will be the oldest to upgrade to a future X10?.

    Saying this because Hal the price is what an upgrade coat. Approximately anyway.
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    Beware that with Win 10 all your hardware externals suchs as office printers and scanners etc nigh not have the drivers for win 10 yet or ever. I wrote an angry blog article about a similar situation about Canon and scanners and 64 bit operating systems
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    Now I am going to draw with pen ils and my sketchbook drawings of what's I front of me these Las weeks of Swedish summer.
  • Now only problem is with corel and I'm using windows 10 on my work laptop and in home on desktop for games. No problem with drivers or other software all upgraded smoothly from windows 8.1. Windows 7 has one disadvantage against 8.1 and now 10, it gets slower and slower over time, windows 8.1 on my home computer was after one year as fast as it was on installation day.

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    Stefan Lindblad

    Beware that with Win 10 all your hardware externals suchs as office printers and scanners etc nigh not have the drivers for win 10 yet or ever. I wrote an angry blog article about a similar situation about Canon and scanners and 64 bit operating systems

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    Again if the UI colour is the only issue you have then great. Your print screen looks okey. Almost default X7 ;-)

    If all other software is as old as X5, then fantastic. Congrats. Again you might or might not experience issues over time with X5 on windows 10. All depending on your workflow
  • I've been a Windows 10 insider for months, and every prerelease build had the same invisible menu bar in X5. No other programs have exhibited the behavior. With every new build that got released, I posted feedback to Microsoft about the error. Still not fixed, but I think the ball is in Microsoft's court, if anyone. They are responsible (to some extent) to support existing software if they expect people to be upgrading to their new OS. You should consider bugging MS about this. Chances are there are other programs out there that have the same sort of issue.

    At least it's usable, even if you have to play hide-and-seek with menu options. I'll keep it - I don't see any compelling reason to upgrade to X7.
  • I just got Windows 10 the other day and yes, the text menus are white. This was the case for windows 8 and I solved it by finding a custom theme editor for Windows.

    Somehow the upgrade to 10 removed this. I will look into finding a new theme creator that can change the menu text to black (long weekend so beer is a priority now).

    Corel just doesn't get it. It's 2015 and I haven't used CorelDraw for 8 years now, since I worked in newsprint. (ha-ha)
    I just need a standalone Corel-Paint !!! not a suite, I work in images on this thing they call the web.

    Maybe they should bring back Michael Cowpland, the pink poddle and Russian coders that went south. He could WHIP whomever are the head the development team into shape (S&M) .

    Corel-Paint is very dated. However, I still find it better and easier to use than other Corel Photo or Adobe$$$ image editors.

    Listen up Corel !!! - Focus on Corel-Paint as a standalone product !!!! And give the effects previews a total revamp (as in huge) not little tiny (this is what it may look like if you click OK).

    I download X7 trail (2 hours) then never install CorelDraw X7. What a waste of download time. I see maybe two extra effects that could been had using a free plugin. The tabs are the only real improvement from X5. Get to work !   WILL NOT BUY trail version.
    Etc, etc, etc, etc......

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    my best answer would be to move away from Photopaint - after using it for about 30 years. Now that I have retired, however, I think I can use the Home & Student edition of X7, which is relatively cheap and which I can run on all 3 of my machines. Can anyone tell me if this is Windows 10 compatible? I know there is an update 5 for the main package and assume that this also runs on the Home edition. Can anyone tell me this for certain?

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    Ooops. I managed to delete the first lines of my reply. I intended to say that I got the same problem with X5 and had thought that my only solution was to try another image editing package. Read above for the rest of my reply.