Can Only Draw Straight Lines?

I'm using a Intuos 3 Wacom Tablet on a 64 bit Windows 7 Home Edition computer. I have installed the latest drivers for it, but I'm finding that at times I will be drawing normally, and suddenly I can only draw straight lines. Usually this happens when I hit Ctrl-Z for undo, it doesn't change when I switch to the mouse.


Now, normally by restarting Corel it will draw normally. However, I've done this, and nothing. I've restarted my computer, still nothing. I even calibrated my pen within the program three times and disabled flicks. It works fine in Paint and I've just discovered it works fine when I open a new document and Corel and begin drawing.


My work is saved as a CPT, and has two objects.

  • HELP! Similar issue with Corel PHOTO-Paint Home & Student Edition X8!

    I was working on a project and suddenly it only allows me to draw, select, or do anything with straight lines. Oddly when I close and reopen it, it still only allows straight lines. If I create a new file it allows me to use freehand, but when I go back to my project it will not allow for freehand. How do I fix this?

    I was using a bamboo wacom tablet when this occurred and may have accidentally clicked or right clicked on something. Problem persists even if I unplug it and use the mouse.

    Thank you! Hoping for a quick fix!
  • I have the same problem. Corel Photo-Paint Home & Student Edition X8 and Wacom Intuos Pro M.

    It's not the first time the problem occurs. I'm pretty sure I don't accidentally press anything - the last time it began was when I clicked an on-screen Undo button (a coincidence or the source of the problem?).