CorelDraw X5, Lots of problems

I am a longtime CorelDraw user (beginning with ver 8 and most recently ver X3) and recently moved to the Win 7 OS (64 bit) and CorelDraw X5.  I am seriously considering moving back to Win XP and CorelDraw X3 however, because my experience with X5 has been a complete disaster.  I have the ability to open several files edited in X5.  They contain the same number of bytes as before, but when they are opened I get nothing but a blank screen within the X5 window.  I also have had repeated unrelated crashes (never had a problem with X3).  Also, there appear to be problems with just saving files CorelDraw files (at times nothing is saved) and problems with file path and descriptors during exports to 'tif' files from CorelDraw.  At this point X5 is largely unuseable for me because I never can be sure when I will lose a file.

I wish Corel would release a hot fix or service pack to correct the current batch of serious problems instead of waiting until "later this summer" and adding more functions.  I have never seen a major piece of software with such numerous and serious bugs.  I imagine tha the  changes MS put into Win 7 are the root problem and also imagine that MS is less than forthcoming in making the details available to competitors, but that does not change my current need for workable graphics software, for which X5 does not currently qualify.


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  • "I have never seen a major piece of software with such numerous and serious bugs."

    Well, that's because you have not used Corel version 5 (that the version that included Ventura 5). Using that version I often lost a days work, sometimes even more, and finally a complete directory. Still I got my work done, and learned to save very often, but only working overtime late nights. Version 8 of both Corel and now the separate Ventura were much better, even good. It seems that Corel is every now and then releasing total crap, and it's a lottery whether you get a good or a bad version. And then, of course, no support is offered for the older versions, in the hope that you will again re-buy a new version.

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