Scaling Factor ???


 I need to figure out how I can change the scaling factor in X5 to act as it did in Corel Draw 9.

When I change any objects scale with "scale factor", be it locked or unlocked proportions, whatever the scale factor I change it to "sticks" with the object unless I convert it to curves or copy paste it into a new doc.

IE; Object is 100% when Drawn. I scale it to 50% and is half its size now. But I want the scale tool to read 100% even though the object is now half of its original size.

I just want the object scale factor to return to 100% after I apply the percentage to any object.

How can this be achieved?
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  • With objects drawn or text applied, if you reduce the size and then convert to curves (CTRL + Q) the sizing will be back to 100%.

    If you are working with other artwork (.bmap, .jpeg, .tiff, etc...) convert them to .bmap (or export them in the appropriate type and then re-import them) and the percentage will revert back to 100% as well.

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