CorelDRAW unpredictably crashing, almost becoming predictable that it will.


I first want to say that I started off using Adobe Illustrator in the gap where I now use CorelDRAW and although there are things that I love about CorelDRAW, I will say that it is the MOST unpredictable and flaky program I have ever worked with.  I miss my Illustrator and even though CorelDRAW is better suited for my industry (sign design) I need a solid platform to get my work done.  That is why I am here because I have to think that this program could not be as popular as it is if it were the disastrous failure that it is becoming with me.  

I have literally lost all my comfort in using this program as I now EXPECT it to crash irregularly, but very very VERY constantly.  I'm sure it may have crashed while I was typing this.  

We have 3 design areas here, two on quad core beasts and one average computer that  cannot seem to not crash with CorelDRAW.  In trying to rule out the symptoms it has been inconclusive.  At first I thought it may be our server connection timing out  while Corel is trying to communicate with it.  I was SURE that had to be the problem.  I started saving locally on the hard drive and sure enough, CRASH.  Crash after crash.  Its becoming so regular that if I cannot find a solution I'm going to find another program and never look back.

The only thing I have not tried, and will tomorrow, is to disable the Scrapbook because I noticed that is a live feed and if there IS a communication error or timeout with our server then perhaps this could be part of the issue?  I don't know.  I'm just looking for a solution.

If someone cares to chime in on this be forewarned:

*  Updated the service packs on all computers

*  Tried the F8 trick > no dice

*  Reinstalled, all computers still have random crashes (with no real consistent variable.. other than the server)

* Tried to not save on the server, BLAMMO.  CRASH.


Thanks in advance for your input,