Corel Draw X5 - high memory usage and "Out of memory" error


I do have problem with my newly installed CorelDraw X5. Before X5 we used Corel 12 in our company.

I have project file (150 MB) with lots of text, bitmaps, vectors - about 100 pages. File opens but I can't save it. I always get OUT OF MEMORY error. I even tried to divide this file into 2 smaller parts but still doesn't work.

What I noticed - Corel X5 after clean start (without opened project) takes about 80MB of RAM in task manager. When I open project usage changes from 80MB to 1,2GB. While saving it takes 1,6GB of RAM and it crashes.

To compare - Corel 12 and after opening same project file Corel 12 takes much less of memory - about 770MB and it works without problem.


Where from comes this memory usage difference? Any solutions? 


My PC:

Windows 7 - 32bit

4GB of RAM

Intel Core2Duo 2 x 3.0GHz

700GB free space on drive C:


Please help. I've read milion other posts about corel memory errors and noting workes for me :( I have no hope :(