Downgrading from CorelDraw X5 to X3

Is it possible to downgrade from X5 to X3 using the X5 license?

The main reason is that I work on a lot of documents with 20-30 pages with many layers and when I need to hide layers I have to surf on each page to do that.

I found a macro, but it only  toggles visibilitiy/print/edit on all pages, it is not a solution, because it may be some pages which I edited and changed the property of some layers only on that page.

I need to hide/disable layers when I publish to pdf. After, I have to go and enable those layers I need for final output (eps, ai and so on) and I have to go again on all 30 pages to enable or disable (depending on what I need).

And there are more reasons....

... I work with CorelDraw since CorelDraw4, in the 90's, but this layer issue is the most counter-productive thing ever.

I would like an answer from a Corel official, since I tryied to contact Corel support but I did not succed on their webpage.


Mad Max