Unable to load CorelDraw.dll Error Code:998

Having problems with Corel Draw running. I recieve the following error when I try to run Corel Draw X5 :- Unable to load CorelDraw.dll Error Code:998.

I have tried 3 re-installs of Corel Draw X5 but no luck.

There appears to be very little information online with this Corel Draw X5 error code.

Any ideas ?.


Scott Cummings

  • Hello scrc....I had the same problem today and I have spent the entire day getting this fixed.  As of right now it is now working, thanks to my Dell tech support!!!  He went into the a file that showed what updates I had and noticed a Windows Critical Update early this morning (3 am) so went to the previous date and restored my computer to that day.  Viola....it works now. 

    I'm sorry I can't tell exactly where to find that info but at least maybe you can figure it out.  Good luck!

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