Windows 10 and Menu bar

I have just updated to Windows 10. Everything appears to be fine with CorelDraw except that the menu bar  (File/Edit/View etc) has disappeared.

Everything is still there, but the text is the same colour as the background, so it only appears when the cursor is over it and it gets a blue background for the item.

This makes using the program very awkward.

Can anything be done?

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  • The best solution for this is to create a new Command bar!

    Follow these steps

    1. Open a Blank File

    2. Go to Tools>Customization

    Then find Command Bars (it should be on under Customization)

    3. Create a New Command Bar by Clicking it anything 

    This bar will appear on your CD window

    4. Go to Commands (Below Customization)

    5. Look for File and drag it into the new command the same for Edit and so on...(works for all except Bitmaps) 

    6. Drag this new Command bar to where Menu bar was disable menu bar visibility...

    7. Save workspace for future use..

    This is not a permanent fix...but works...

    Attached is a pic of my new menu bar...

    hope this works for you...