Windows 10 and Menu bar

I have just updated to Windows 10. Everything appears to be fine with CorelDraw except that the menu bar  (File/Edit/View etc) has disappeared.

Everything is still there, but the text is the same colour as the background, so it only appears when the cursor is over it and it gets a blue background for the item.

This makes using the program very awkward.

Can anything be done?

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  • Hi Trophies,
    Back in previous versions -- like CDGS X6 and Windows 7 -- most of the sizes, colors, and fonts of dialogs were set in the operating system's Window and Appearance dialog rather than in CDGS. Tony Severenuk has posted that this was changed with version X7.
    I don't use X7 (no cpt thumbnails in Windows Explorer) so it could very well be that they have not completed the transfer to settings in CDGS.
    Try to experiment with both the settings dialogs in CDGS and in the operating system.
    It could very well be that some settings were forgotten and can no longer be changed from either location.
    Also, there used to be a dialog in the operating system which allowed one to set compatibility to earlier versions of Windows. Do a Search in Control Panel or in HELP to see if it still exists in Win 10.
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