Date field merge in Corel from Excel

Data merge - use this daily 

Corel X5 Excel 2016

today require date field merge (don't merge dates very often)
However all data display in Corel as Date Time - fields in Corel are date _ if I convert to general or tex the date displays as a number not date

If I use the same file to merge in word results are as expected - ie date field displays as a date

  • I would try to export excel file to *.csv and use *.csv file as source for print merge

  • You might try adding another column to your Excel spreadsheet, then using a formula in that column to get a text string representation of the date.

    There are some examples of doing that here: Convert date to text.

    As an example, if column A has a date time to represent 10 July 2018 at 13:00, the numerical value might be something like 43291.54166667. It's only the formatting in Excel that causes it to be displayed as a date time.

    Using an example from the page I linked to, the formula  =TEXT(A1,"dd/mm/yyyy") could use that numerical value in column A to produce the string "10/7/2018" in your new column.