Illegitimate version in use

Dear Everibody!

I use X5 over years without problem on Win7pro computer..

But at a moment when I uninstall JRE (Oracle's Java Runtime Environment) practically the JAVA language every time when I open a X5 component, then I get a popup window "Action required: Illegitimate version in use" and/or "CorelDRAW has switched to Viewer Mode" . 

I try to uninstall X5 and install again, then I got a same massage. But additionally I gut lot of Protexis license manager Failed to Release Mutex with code 1 or 288 , which have no one up to this time.

As the popup say, I asked technical support for solution. They advise some registry trick to solve a problem, but without success.

Have anybody detect this problem after some major component removed from its computer?

If yes then have any solution for?

Thanks for any advise: kkzsolt