Illegitimate version in use

Dear Everibody!

I use X5 over years without problem on Win7pro computer..

But at a moment when I uninstall JRE (Oracle's Java Runtime Environment) practically the JAVA language every time when I open a X5 component, then I get a popup window "Action required: Illegitimate version in use" and/or "CorelDRAW has switched to Viewer Mode" . 

I try to uninstall X5 and install again, then I got a same massage. But additionally I gut lot of Protexis license manager Failed to Release Mutex with code 1 or 288 , which have no one up to this time.

As the popup say, I asked technical support for solution. They advise some registry trick to solve a problem, but without success.

Have anybody detect this problem after some major component removed from its computer?

If yes then have any solution for?

Thanks for any advise: kkzsolt

  • HI kkzsolt,

    I opened a support ticket with Corel around mid February (2019).  I was also given a Registry "Fix" that hasn't really fixed anything.  For me, it works two or three times then my copy of Corel X5 gets disabled again and I'm prompted with the Option to upgrade to an older (yes older) version of Corel Suite for 50% off.

    I was also asked to provide them the software Serial number, which was verified as being VALID but yet, no fix.

    I called, at least, every other day to ask for a status and keep being told that my ticket has been forwarded to Level 2, whatever that means.  It is now 2 months and no one has reached out.

    I also posted a complaint via Twitter and received this reply:

    "Hello, sorry to hear about your concerns. If you are referring to CorelDRAW X5, please note this is no longer a supported version hence technical assistance would be limited. We would recommend reaching out to the community forums at : - if you wish to seek further guidance or discuss a problem related to this legacy version. Thank you."

    I believe that this is Corel's way of forcing people to upgrade.

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