How do I switch all color profiles off in CorelDraw X5?

I have used an sRGB color profile which should do nothing, but it is still mucking up the colors. How can I switch all color processing off?

If I use the color red (FF0000), make a screenshot and check it with another app I see that Corel is adding 10 of green (FF1000).

Cyan is allot worse! I use (00FFFF) and I get (7FFFFF), that's a whopping 127 of unwanted red mixed in!

Even when working for printed material I want Corel to leave alone all RGB colors.
My monitor and printer drivers already take care of the profile stuff, and that is already enough hassle.
Having CorelDraw muck it all up again is unacceptable!

Also when printing Cyan should map to Cyan, so RGB 00FFFF should map to YMCK 0000FF00.
Currently I'm getting allot of yellow and magenta added when I try to print pure cyan :-(

What profiles can I use to achieve zero processing?