cdr files will not show as thumbs in windows 10?

right clickd and set corel as program to see thumbs. all jpg tiff etc show thumbs.

read that the windows shell might be bad. to went to uninstall programs but did not see it there, the modify option is grayed out.

tried to find this file but not on my computer: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Corel\Shared\Shell Extension\

Read this fix on Microsoft windows community site (official MS site):
"1. Browse a file directory that contains a CDR file. If you do not have a file yet, you can go to the Extra Content folder which is, by default, saved in your computer’s Shared Documents.
2. Right-click on a file then choose Open With > Choose Program.
3. Choose CorelDraw and make sure to tick the box that says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file." Save the changes.
4. Make sure that the essential part of CorelDraw Windows Shell Extention component is installed. Navigate to Add/Remove Programs and Features.

5. If the component does not appear on your program listing, you would need to repair your CorelDraw installation.

6. Choose CorelDraw from the program list then click the Change/Remove button. This will start the repair procedure.

7. When prompted, choose Modify from the options presented then proceed to the next step.

8. Go to the Features tab then at the utilities drop down menu, make sure that Windows Shell Extension is checked.

9. Finish the installation by clicking Install Now on the next step.
10. CorelDraw should now be able to display image thumbnail previews."

when I right click a file and set it to view with corel, there is a check box that says always use this app so when I click it the file opens in corel

  • got the cdr thumbs to work! put in the install disc and opened all the folders to see what is in them. finally found one that is called ShellExt and when I installed that the thumbs started working.