Using pattern swatches from Adobe Illustrator in Corel Draw? Help needed

I am producing designs for digitally printing on garments. 

Recently I have had problems with the supplier who is printing our garments - They use Corel Draw ( I do not know what version but I save all my files in CS6 format for them). I am not familiar with Corel at al. 

To make my designs I am making patterns starting with a vector in Illustrator and using the pattern swatches tool to make my pattern repeat and also so I have the ability to make as much of this pattern as needed very quickly. I send the supplier the repeat  in vector format that makes up the pattern as well as a large swatch of it which illustrates the scale. 

I know that I can use my swatches in illustrator to make pattern that covers any size I like however big or small, but our supplier doesn't seem to be able to use my patterns in this way on Corel. 

They say that they cannot use my patterns because of this and are instead asking that I line up 850m x 750mm of vectors to make the pattern - this is an extremely slow and long process because of the amount of vectors that the file is holding, so the file eventually becomes so heavy and totally unusable. 

I can't imagine that people printing 2000mm x 2000mm of patterned fabric are lining up their repeat pattern vector by vector? So there must be a way that Corel Draw is filling the pattern in for them? 

I have tried to send them a PNG to print from of 850mm x 750 mm but they insist that the quality is too poor for them. 

Does Corel Draw have a feature that does the same thing as the pattern swatch maker in Illustrator? 

Has anyone had any experience with this at all or have any advice as to what I can do? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks