Select Same macro problems - does not run and "Project is unviewable"


Some time ago I installed the macro Select Same. It worked fine. Now I'm trying to use it so Tools > Macros > Run Macro, I choose JH_SelectSame and it does not run. Nothing happens. So I thought I would reinstall it but I also cannot because when I select the macro and hit DELETE, Corel prompts: "Project is unviewable".

I don't know what to do. Maybe manually remove macro files from Corel folder and install it again? But I'm afraid the same problem will occur one day. Please help.

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  • Is it possible to edit someone else's macro to include such a sub?

    It might be possible if you knew - as you do in this case - where and how that macro stores the position of the user form.

    In this particular case, you could use this code to write values to the Registry to set the form position to 1,1.

    Sub SelectSame_form_position_1_1()
        SaveSetting "SelectSame", "Preferences", "form_top", "1"
        SaveSetting "SelectSame", "Preferences", "form_left", "1"
    End Sub

    That is not going to be universal for all macros, written by all authors.