Exporting tif resolution problem

Hi everyone,

I am having problem exporting tif. My document is 700x600mm I need to export it in 1720 dpi, but corel limits size to 600x500. I am trying it on two computers and I can do in on one of them, but can not on another. Any Ideas guys? Thank you in advance (;

  • You are wrong about the resolution, it seems you are confusing print quality with image resolution. They are both measured in DPI but they are different things

    The TIF format, like JPG and others, has a maximum limit of 30,000 pixels. If you increase the resolution, decrease the size. This is done deliberately, to avoid that someone by mistake or lack of knowledge export a TIF at 1200 dpi, which would be a gigantic file, and useless, since no device reproduces that much resolution. This is only possible if it is 1-bit TIF, that means, "Black and white", without grayscales or colors.

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