I have been palmed off for 4 weeks by support now and have multiple support tickets. I have a subscription that is up for renewal in less than 6 hours and I refuse to have Corel steal from me any longer. I never received the serial number for Corel Graphics suite 2022 when it was first released and to this day after multiple support requests, I still don't have it. I downloaded the trial version, installed it and it corrupted my 2021 subscription version. I ended up trying to repair it but ended up uninstalling it and then reinstalling it. As I have multiple large format printers, lasers, etc. and the setup I use it takes more than half the day to get back up and running again. I also have to have some other company's remote login to set up some options. I have been using Corel since version 2 and still have ALL the disks. Unfortunately due to the inaction of Corel's support team, I have been left with no option but to buy the software outright. I am hoping that someone can tell me how to change the serial number from a subscription version to a buy outright version as Corel support can't help and in the last 4 weeks I have lost over $18,000 in revenue. I literally on have hours left before it locks me out and I can't afford to have to uninstall and reinstall the software again. I am beyond breaking point and want to commit suicide.


Corel #3394250

Corel #3394260

Corel #3412728

Corel #3414815

Corel #3418830

Corel #3419013

Corel #3420490

Corel #3420863


I can't get over how incompetent the support people are that

  1. they can’t take 2 minutes and send an already paid subscriber their 2022 serial number.
  2. they can’t tell you how to change a serial number so you don’t have to lose more money uninstalling and reinstalling the software from a subscription to a buy outright version.