Hello everyone,

I have created thumbnails for my new website using CorelDraw 2021. My developers want the files in JPEG format only, but because I have included a small pink "Best buy" circle on the left-hand side of the image it has created a white background on that side. I have tried exporting in PNG format using the transparency as suggested on this page but to no avail.

What is the most straightforward way this can be done? It needs to be in .jpg format without the white border on the left side.

Snip 1 is the JPEG file on the actual website (look at the bottom left-hand side - this need to be transparent).

Snip 2 is the JPEG file without the pink "Best buy" circle.

Tried many different export types but nothing seems to work. Have many files to convert so help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Try breaking the drop shadow bits apart then convert those to bitmap. Now use the shape tool to bring the left side shadow edge inward to meet the edge of the black outline. Might even create a white rectangle at the bottom edge and set it behind the shadows ensuring to give a little extra coverage toward the bottom. Now select it all and save as jpg. Keep in mind jpg will only work if this is to be on a white background.

    p.s. I'd try and find out why jpg is a requirement. Png can actually be a smaller file size than a jpg.