CorelDraw Premium Suite X5.

I own the box version of CorelDraw Premium Suite X5. I can only access the Website Creator, Swish Zone, Win Zip, and Video Studio Pro X3. I am not able to access Connect, Photo paint or any of the graphic design features found in Corel draw. Can anyone tell me why only part of this program downloaded? And how to get the rest of the content to download? I am a student and the reason I bought the software was to create vector images more so than web pages or movie clips. I even downloaded what it claimed to be the free content but that did nothing.

I have installed and uninstalled these programs more times than I can count, and can't seem to get Corel support on the phone to do a remote install for me. I am not familiar with the hotkeys and such, and do not feel comfortable doing this on my own again, I have had no luck so far.                                                                        I paid good money for this program and I am not able to use it, because it won't load?

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