Different Print Settings/Preferences per Layer

I have a drawing that I will be sending over to an Epilog laser to cut a sheet of acrylic. The drawing consists of 100 squares, spread across the page in a grid, each on its own layer. My hope is to assign certain print settings/preferences (such as laser cut power and laser cut speed) to each individual layer, therefore eliminating the need for me to manually change the print settings and run each individual layer's cut...

This may be on the Epilog side of things, but I thought I might ask here too in the event that others have had a similar project goal.

The following is a screenshot of my document:


  • Thank you for your quick response and help!
    Is there a way to edit saved printer configurations (namely color maps) in a text editor? I have so many changes to make that going through the Epilog printer settings interface is very tedious. Also, is there a way to expand the limit on the number of color mappings you can make? I need to make upwards of 100 but I think it's capping out at around 20
    Thank you

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