how to reduce file size of CDR file

i wanted  to reduce size of cdr file , can some one plz help. i wanted to know whether we can change resolution ,colour ... its it possible to compress images with and without use of any software

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  • Hi.

    -You can go to Tools > Color Styles. In the color styles docker make sure you don't have a lot of unneeded styles. Delete them.

    -Also when saving there is an option to imbed color rofiles. Try unchecking it and saving to see if it makes a difference.

    -If there is a bitmap in the document, select it, and go to Bitmaps > Resample. Bring the resolution down a little.

    -Compressing one file with winrar or winzip will not change cdr file size, by much, but compressing multiple cdr files will decrease size and copying time.


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