Draw x5 not saving links correctly

Hello Corel users :)

Having a problem with a document i created that contains instructions how to use one of our customers application, the document has an index that points to different pages but also a few urls that point to servers or into jboss application servers(long url) when i save the cdr file and export to pdf the links are not always right, the index pointing to top of page 5 now points to a https url and one of the https urls can point to top of page ...

This is rather frustrating since a simple edit requires me to verify all the links, for instance a url that points to a customer internal wiki page is correct in the cdr file but wrong in the pdf.

I have tried different settings for the pdf export but i haven't seen any difference.

I have noticed that links are changed even when i just save the cdr file and reopen it later, not all but some, seems rather random which ones.

Running windows 7 64 bit 4 gig ram, corel draw x5 is updated with sp3, the cdr file contains 29 pages at this point.

/Regards Berth


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