Corel technical writing is bad... and the help section needs work.

The technical writers are not keeping up and the help section is in need of work. When I'm getting emails from users on this site about colour settings, and I don't really know about colour settings except for what works for me... because the help is garbage... there's a problem.

Here's another for instance:

I was skimming through a Corel ad that was sent to my email... Platinum Protection help.... oooooh.... and I read a hint about copying properties.


Quickly copying outline or fill properties from one object to another
Simply right-click the object you would like to copy and drag it on top of the object you want to modify. Click the appropriate command from the context menu and you?e done!


This is wrong. A click is an up/down. The wording should be changed to reflect what you actually need to do. --> hold down the right mouse button and drag the object you want to copy properties FROM and release the object once the cursor becomes a target over the object/curve you want to copy properties TO.

That's correct. Fire your technical writers because they don't seem to know much about communicating clearly or event handling... knowing both seems like a good idea when hiring. Not that I'm an expert, but I know their wording is wrong... and this is coming out in an email professing how your Platinum help program is so great. Jeeesh.


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