Printing halftones with Postscript Printer

I have a new HP Laserjet M712 B&W printer to replace my aging HP5000 printer.  I'm using X3 & X5 and have installed the HP Universal Postscript driver.  The printer is Postscript 3 emulation capable.  I have all the settings in the print dialog of Corel the same as the settings from my HP5000 printer, but the new printer fails to print halftones or "dots".  The halftone areas are still printing as a solid although I have my screen frequency at 45lpi.  Does anyone know if this is a Corel issue or is it a Windows 7 problem, or some kind of user error.  Thanks.

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  • Apparently HP has broken halftoning support in new universal PS drivers it is pushing for at least a year now. The only solution at this time is to install older printer-specific PS driver ( for example download Vista PS drivers from HP website, they are still compatible with Windows 7 and 8)

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