Network seen but Drives cannot be accessed ...possible permission issue

I have  a laptop on a wireless network . The office PC is plugged into a port on the wireless router via cat 6..

There is a backup 2 TB drive plugged into the PC and all drives are shared with anyone.

The PC can see and access anything I put on the 2 TB disk as well as folders , files etc that are shared on the PC

Likewise, the PC can access any of the drives/folders/ files on the laptop..

I installed PSP 2018 last eve on the laptop....and when I click open and then choose the network , I can see the networked PC...and click on it but it immediately tells me its not accessible and I may not have permission to access it...see the administrator (thats me)

Odd because I can access any file on the Networked PC from same choices through the desktop on the laptop...

always thought that is the computers 'talked'...then any program I open should also have access to the other shared computers drives etc....but seems this is a permission /connection issue

Laptop if win 8

PC is win 7.