CorelDRAW X5 turns circles into ploygons when importing from Illustrator CS3

I am having an issue that I cannot for the life of me work out. I design all my content in Illustrator CS3 but I need to use CorelDRAW X5 in order to create the screens for my screen print setup. When I design circles, especially when they are compound paths, in CS3 and import or copy/paste into CDX5, the circles look fine in normal or enhanced view. I noticed, however, that the circles looked like polygons when I was screen printing. When I checked in CDX5, zooming in on the circle in draft view, I could see polygons. As you can see in this Snipping Tool screenshot:

The same image taken in Illustrator looks fine:

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this issue? Obviously, I need the circles to be circles in CDX5 - these segmented polygons will not work!