working smooth with curves converted from text.

I get Corel files from clients with text converted into curves. working with a lot of curves is very difficult in coreldraw. 
anybody have any solution for it that
corel highlight all curves step by step many time and i am waiting to run next.....

please solve, if possible.....

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  • Ask your clients that doesn't convert your text to curves.

    There's no reason for that, that was a routine from 20 years ago, not today. If you still use X5 (as it was this sub-forum) your client can use "collect for output" and send the fonts within the file. And if you use CorelDRAW 2017 or 2018, fonts are embedded on the file itself, so there's no need to convert to curves. And, if it was for printing purposes, just create a PDF using compatibility with acrobat 8.0 or higher

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