The wonder of Enlargement

I couldn't give this a better name as this is something crazy for me!

Before EXport

As you can see the size in this picture, I "only" got 192 x 144 Milimeters - this is the size when I marked all elements of a graphc. And I am simply not able to understand what happens during the export or what is "added. Look at the size at export:

During Export

So suddenly it is more! You might say that this is not much! But especially as I created my file exactly in the size I wanted and I needed it, this simply sucks!

For sure I can manually change the values to the 192 x 144 I need, but just imagine how much work it is if you export 50 - 100 graphics a day. I'd like to say that I work with CorelDraw for about 25 years, starting with CD4 through several newer versions and I never had issues like this one before!

Is there something I have to change in the settings to end this problem? You might be able to imagine that it is totally sucking if you have the same problem day in and day out without any senseful reason or any logic I am able to understand!

Altough X5 may not be supported anymore, maybe there is still someone "out there" who is able to help me to solve this problem!

Many thanks in advance!