Multi-page display and editing


Is there an option to view and EDIT multiple pages in one workspace, not switching each time between pages but utilizing more InDesign-like (or just like MS Word) workspace layout?

Like this:

With Page Sorter View I cannot edit content.

I know there are document layout options, so I can display & edit two pages at once - this is cool! But what if I want to display more than two?

If there's such an option in CorelDRAW versions higher than X5, I'll get myself one. Or maybe some macro?

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  • It would be possible with a macro in a creative way.

    Basically it would operate like this:

    1. example: you have a 12 page document
    2. the macro would copy art from each page to a new document, which would be one huge page or one long page.
    3. The new doc has virtual normal pages inside. Those rectangles would be page boundaries.
    4. So you could pan around, or go top to bottom like in your image. The elements inside the virtual pages are 1:1 in size.
    5. After you are finished working in this mode, the macro could copy and replace art back to your original document based on the boundaries.
    6. I think Eskimo now wants to make this- just for fun....
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