Putting an image above an image

So im a primary student that just started to use coreldraw for my task of making a design of a food packaging. So there's 2 image, one is a background and one is a nugget pict with transparent background that i downloaded from google. I put the nugget pict above the background pict, then i save the file as a PNG. When i open the file, the nugget pict still has the transparent background shown, which is a mosaic background that covers the first background image. Can someone help me how to get rid of this mosaic transparent background?

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  • If you are referring to this mosaic....

    Then the file you downloaded was not transparent. Generally, you need to follow the link to a "Download" button to get the file you are after.

    Try going back to the file and looking for some link that says "Download this file now" or "Download Original"

    Good Luck

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